Minnie first day first trim

image Well I gave Minnie a few days to settle in, and stretch her legs, literally. Because she was kept in such a small pen, I let her losses up a bit, and what I mean by that is, her front legs were so tight in the tendon I was concerned that taking down the heels and tightening the tendon more might be an issue. Soon after she arrived it was clear she was walking much better, so I waited to do the first trim. Better safe than sorry, if your not sure there is enough slack or give in the tendon to drop the heel with out hanging it in the air than you should take it slow and easy.
During the first trim today, it was clear I would have to go slow, so I took about half of the heel I wanted to take and about the same amount of toe and toe sole. I cleaned up the frog a bit but mostly left it intact, a little frog pressure is better than none, and I will take more,heel and sole over the next week. So far she is only landing on her toe, even in the boots, but I expect to see and improvement in the morning. I usually boot during the day and then off at night, but for this first day I’m leaving them on all night and will take them off in the morning. I’m useing the Easyboot RX it is my boot of choice for this type of rehab and really is a very tough boot.imageimageimageimageOk so you can see how high her heels are, because she stands a lot she has not gotten what she really needed witch is to move. She needs to move more than a normal horse because of her very small feet and tendency to go up in her heels and loose her frog pressure. Some horses can handle being in a small stall with out a lot of pasture movement but this horse is not one of them. Her best friend is the wide open spaces and plenty movement.imageimageimage Ok so you can see there is much more foot to come off, but that’s enough for the first trim. This is the Rf and I have a 6mm pad in the bootimageimageimageimage This is the LF pretty much the same story as the right.
I had a video showing her walking in the boots but I’m having a problem up loading, I’ll figure it out for the next post. What you would have seen is Minnie walking off better than she did coming up, but she is landing toe first and not stepping out very long, oh and she still seems pretty tight. But she is comfortable and more confident while stepping than she was. So first day looken good, oh and I haven’t said this for awhile! Remember NO HOOF NO HORSE


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  1. windhillranch@mcn.com Says:

    Nice work Steve

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